Cardiovascular Workouts vs Weightlifting… Which One is the Best?

Day after day, you can hear people asking the same question, especially if they are going to start working out. What should I do to get results? Zuma? Running? Swimming? Biking? Or I should go to gym and start lifting weights. What should I do first? Cardiovascular workouts or strength training? In fact, to answer this questions, we should say that you can do whichever you prefer because both workouts will give you hundreds of benefits.

Many exercises are on the fitness field nowadays and depending on your goals you need to choose which one is the best option for you. But according to the fitness experts, you need to get in to your workouts weight training and we will explain you why.

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Workouts vs Weightlifting

The first reason why you should pick weight training at least three times per week is because after a lifting session your body will burn fat constantly even if your routine with weights is already completed. The metabolism gets boosted and keeps working fullest during 36 hours after your workout.

This means, you will transform your body in a fat burning machine. When you perform a regular cardio training, you can burn calories during the workout but not really after, like you do with weight lifting. But also, there is a new way to improve your cardiovascular routines and add an extra burn calorie in a short period of time. This is one of the reasons why people rather to focus on weight training, more muscles mean less fat.

Another reason why we get a lot of benefits with weight training instead of cardio training is because you will be able to rebuild your composition body. With cardiovascular workouts, you can lose a lot of weight, but if you want to see a better shape, you need to lift to add more muscle to your body. And if you take care of your diet while you train with weights, you will be able to lose body fat percentages and look better.

Some women stay away from weight training because they think if they do, they will get a lot of muscles and will end looking like a guy. This is not true, and it`s pretty impossible. We need to remember that testosterone, is the responsible to build this huge muscles man has, and well, we don’t have any!

So don’t worry about it. All you are going to gain with weight training is build a better shape and burn tons of calories. Don’t be afraid and start burning fat while lift some heavy weights.


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